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If you want to transform mars? Human beings really can't do it

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Iqiyi's stock price surged nearly 7 % after second-quarter revenue exceeded expectations

【Rancho Cucamonga】South Korea shampoo and hair care brand " Lu" welcomes explosive growth in Chinese market

What is the most honorable car to drive in an amateur football league?

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A high-fat diet is the culprit for hair loss! New research can restore hair to its original shape

Taiwan army " Wan Jian bomb" can paralyze mainland airport? Experts say this

Media: monopoly of pharmaceutical industry involves the vital interests of common peopleBridgestone focus group: Woods wheat will debut around 10 o'clock tonight

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New media say China - ASEAN completes mock military exercise: preparing for field exercisePoint of view: Mourinho wants to leave Manchester United and may not insist on Christmas this year? China team wins 14 gold medals in diving world youth championship, second place, England 21 medals!

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I do not think so. Commission for Discipline Inspection Yang Zhengping speak the same view black and white, blue ministers discussed the list submitted to the Standing Committee on the proposal Free, withdrawal, exchange of cadres, are working to rectify the problem this style the most exposed. And what would happen to these people usually behave, if not deliberately installed illiterate, has certainly been visible, if the county is still wrong with these people to take measures, we will once again make people miss our opportunity to restore confidence ! From this point, this adjustment programs can be regarded as the result of reflecting public opinion, there was no substandard procedures. Please also think that if this adjustment also by the common method in the past that step by step manner, running after, and intercede, twisted trouble, like mosquitoes come and go, like, who hold up? Who won the final adjustment? Past and a lot of lessons in this respect. But I also have a question to ask Secretary Xu need to propose: The Financial Secretary Luo Yibin problems than some people's problem is much more serious, so why not incorporate this adjustment programs?[Jersey City]

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